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Bridal Coaching

You've probably heard about wedding planners and coordinators, but what's a bridal coach?

Where planners and coordinators focus on the event, bridal coaching focuses on you. As a bridal coach, my top priority is your well-being. My services are all dedicated to lessening your stress and making sure you feel satisfied and supported throughout the planning process. That can mean assisting you with any aspect of the planning process from research and organization to stress management and relationship support.

Abby Keim, Bridal Coach


I found my way to bridal coaching after realizing how much I enjoyed helping my friends plan and prepare for their weddings. When other people's eyes started to glaze over during all the wedding talk, I only got more interested. A researcher by training, I started using these skills to turn my friends' Pinterest pages into spreadsheets and budgets that they could use for their wedding plans. The best part was always seeing how much stress I could alleviate for friends who were struggling between overly vague and complex examples online and in books.

My decision to go from spreadsheet-savvy helper to bridal coach was triggered by just one terrible word: bridezilla. I cannot exaggerate how much I hate that word. Over and over again when I heard the word "bridezilla" it was in reference to a bride who was overworked and under-supported. Or worse, it would be used as a weapon to belittle or dismiss a bride's reasonable requests. I could unpack my problems with that word for hours, but for now I'll just say it sprung me into action. I decided to step in and offer support to all brides and couples feeling overwhelmed by the wedding planning process.


I firmly believe that planning a wedding should be at least as fun and exciting as it is stressful. I help my clients not only plan but also feel good about their weddings and about themselves. Whether you need help figuring out what you want, organizing your plans, making decisions, managing stress, or dealing with problematic relationships in your life, I am here to support you so you can enjoy the planning process. 


My Services

Individual & Group Coaching 

Individual and group sessions for brides, couples, families, bridal parties, and anyone you would like to include from your wedding support team. 

Organizational & Communications Support

Personalized support to help develop and organize ideas, coordinate wedding roles, and manage communications with everyone on your wedding planning team.

Shopping & Vendor Selection Assistance

Decision-making assistance for all wedding-related purchases, including those for engagement parties, bridal showers, after-parties, and the honeymoon. 

Wedding Table Arrangement


“In 2020, my wedding got postponed due to the pandemic. I was so relieved that even during that I had Abby to think through details, send me articles, and keep planning during the chaos. I toyed with elopement, smaller weddings and other ideas - each time Abby started research and gave me thoughtful guidance on what to do. I highly recommend AK Coaching if you want to have a wedding that is still your own but even better than you dreamed it could be.”

Becca M.

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